Istanbul V.01 ro/eng

June 30, 2011  •  Leave a Comment


Orasul senzorial care te face sa vrei sa revi.

Primul contact cu zgomotul orasului si cu mirosurile lui indeamna la o reactie, nu o impresie: mirosul de castane coapte sau vocile strazii intr-un murmur colectiv, un ecou al milioanelor de vieti pe care le contine : fie te indragostesti iremediabil, fie iti starneste curiozitatea sa vrei sa descoperi mai mult, il urasti de la inceput, sau mai vi o data...


The sensuous city that makes you want to come back.

The first contact with the noise and the smells of the city create a reaction, not an impression: the smell of backed chestnuts or the voices of the street gathered in a collective hum, an echo of the millions of lives that inhabit it; either you fall hopelessly in love, or it gets your curiosity stirred to want to discover more, or you hate it from the beginning, or you come back...



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