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A treia oara la Istanbul, eram deja acasa, la Zamfir,  destul de amabil sa  ne primeasca si a doua oara, de data asta fara el, cu asigurarile unei ocupari linistitie si in bune conditiuni.

A fost haos. Am luat feriboatul in toate directiile, tramvaiul, ne-am pierdut, am mancat la kurd si ne-am tarat inapoi, cafea in Uskudar, shot-uri pe strada, inapoi la Zamfir. Nici noaptea n-a fost altfel. A doua zi am primit coliva din bloc, priviri condescendente pe scara, am ajuns la patiserul local, am baut un ceai si a fost mai bine.

5 zile de miraj in lumea mirosurilor, a culorilor, a zumzetului

Istanbul e o experienta vie organica o simte in fiecare por.


- castane coapte

- muraturi in pahare de plastic in port Eminomu-bune in orice situatie

- sandwich cu peste si ceapa piata de peste port la baza turnului Galata

- scoici cu orez si lamaie oriunde

- sandwich cu mate de oaie-kokoreci, oriunde se gasec


- vapor de la Eminoumiu-Uskudar, Uskudar-Besiktas, Besiktas-Galata

- Adalar- 3 ore de vapor catre o lume remote fara masini cu trasuri si bicilete. not to do: mancat in port in locuri fara preturi afisate

- tunel funicular- la baza podului galata- catre Istiklal in sus, urcatu pe jos nu e vreo placere

- tramvai - to Sultanahmet - protejaza picioarele


- bazar-esenta locului

- table jucat oriunde

- hamam-rasfatz si relaxare asigurate

- tot istanbul - urme ale trecutului glorios-topkapi, sofia, blue mosque, Rustenpasa-mosque si OAMENI  si relatiile dintre ei, apropiate,  de fapt asta e ISTANBUL: interactiune si viu, traieste prin oameni


Third time in Istanbul we were already at home, at Zamfir, kind enough to have us the second time, this time in his absence, with our assurance of a quiet and proper stay. There was chaos. We took the ferry in every direction, the tram, we got lost, we ate at the Kurd guy and dragged ourselves back, coffee in Uskudar, shots of liquor in the street, back to Zamfir. The night continued in the same manner. The next day we received wheat cake from the neighbours, condescending looks on the stairs, we got to the local pastry, we had a tea and then we felt better.

5 days of mirage in the world of smells, colours and noise.

Istanbul is a living, organic experience which you feel with every pore.


Baked chestnuts;

Pickles in plastic cups in the Eminomu port – good for every situation;

Fish and onions sandwich in the fish market across the port, at the base of the Galata tower;

Clams with rice and lemon anywhere;

Sheep tripe sandwich – kokoreci, wherever you find it.


Boat trip from Eminoumiu – Uskudar, Uskudar – Besiktas, Besiktas – Galata;

Adalar – a 3 hours bot trip to a remote world without cars, just horse carriages and bicycles. Not to do: lunch in the port in a place where prices are not visible;

Funicular railway tunnel – at the bottom of Galata tower – to Istiklal, climbing is  no fun;

Tramway – to Sultanahmet – it protects the feet.


The Bazaar – the essence of the place;

Play backgammon anywhere;

Hamam – pampering and relaxation are provided;

Also in Istanbul the traces of the glorious past – Topkapi, Sofia, the Blue Mosque, Rustenpasa Mosque and the people and their close relationships, this being actually ISTANBUL: alive and interactive, living through its people.



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